Report IRS 1099 Payments: Are you reporting independent contractor income to the IRS? You need to choose the respective 1099 Form to report the independent contractor income. 1099 Forms are the series of information return forms which report the independent contractor income paid during the year.

Confused about which 1099 Form to file? Doesn’t know about 1099 Forms? We’ll help to file the respective 1099 Form for the payments you made during the calendar year. We’ll let you know about IRS 1099 Forms, payments reported through 1099 Forms and printable 1099 Form recipients.

What do you report through IRS 1099 Forms?

The following are the information returns reported through series of 1099 Forms:

1099 MISC Form

If you paid an independent contractor of about $600 or more as rent, prizes or awards, crop insurance proceeds etc. and $10 as royalties, then you’re required to report the miscellaneous income to the IRS. File 1099 MISC Tax Form to report miscellaneous income paid to the individual contractors.

1099 NEC Form

Then non-employee compensation paid to a non-employee on course of business or trade are reported to the IRS through 1099 NEC Form. File 1099 NEC Form to report $600 or more paid as fees, prizes or rewards, commissions paid to non-employee sales people etc.

1099 DIV Tax Form

If you paid dividends and distribution of $10 or more for property or money, $600 or more in money as a part of liquidation, then report the payments to the IRS. File 1099 DIV Form to report dividends and distributions paid to the investors during a calendar year.

1099 K Form

If the payer paid an individual through payment card transactions or third party network transactions, then report the transaction through 1099 K Form. The payer required to report 1099 K Form if the gross payments are more than $20,000 and 200 or more transactions.

1099 INT Form

If you paid interest amount of $600 on course of your business or trade, then report the payments to the IRS. File 1099 INT Form to report the payments made on interest.

What is the IRS 1099 Form?

IRS 1099 Form is a information return form that an entity or a person other than a employer reports the payments made with individual persons during the year. The payer fills out 1099 Form and send the copy to the recipient and to the IRS. The recipient uses IRS 1099 Forms to figure out income received during the year and the type of income received. The payee reports the received income in the tax return form, depending on the type of income received.

Different 1099 Tax Forms

The following are the different 1099 Tax Forms:

1099 A

Form 1099 A is used to report non-wage payments and transactions. Generally, Form 1099 A is used when property has been transferred due to foreclosure. You must inform about the transfer of property to the IRS. Form 1099 Online includes details about the sale, date of transfer, the FMV of the property at the time of transfer and the loan balanced on the date of transfer.

1099 B

Federal 1099 B Form is used to record customers gains and loses during a tax year. Brokerage firms and barter exchanges used this 1099 B Form. Brokers submit 1099 B Form to the IRS and to the customer who sold stocks, options, commodities or other securities during the tax year.

1099 C

Form 1099 C is used to report cancelled debt or forgiven debt of about $600 or more during a calendar year. The common reasons to issue 1099 C Form includes foreclosure, repossession, return of the property to the lender etc. make sure the information is correct when you receive a 1099 C Form.

1099 G

If you receive state or local income tax refunds during a tax year, then you need to report the payments through 1099 G Form. File Form 1099 G to report unemployment compensation to the IRS.

1099 H

Form 1099 H is used to report non-employee payments and transaction. File form 1099 H to report advanced payments of qualified health insurance payments for the benefit of trade adjustment assistance or pension benefit guaranty corporation etc. The advance payments help you to pay monthly health insurance premiums.

Payments reported in 1099 Tax Forms

The following are the payments reported through 1099 Tax Forms

Independent contractor income
If the tax payer paid the independent contractor on course of business or trade, then issue 1099 Form with the recipient. The recipient receives 1099 Forms for receiving independent contractor income.

Non-employee compensation
The compensation paid to non-employee is for purpose of carrying out business activity, then report the payment through 1099 Form to the IRS. The non-employee receives 1099 Form on receiving non-employee compensation.

Backup withholding tax
When filing 1099 Form, the taxpayer provides a wrong TIN or mismatched TIN, the 1099 Form falls under backup withholding. The taxpayer reports backup withholding on the respective 1099 Form to avoid penalties.

When does the Federal 1099 Tax Form used?

The Federal 1099 Tax Form is used for the following situations:

Individual person
Income payments from a business to an individual person who is not your employee uses 1099 Forms to report the payments to the IRS.

If an employer paid a freelancer for performing work on course of business or trade, then the employer file respective 1099 Forms to the payee and to the IRS.

Minimum threshold amount
If the taxpayer paid $600 to self-employer individual for performing work, then the tax payer files 1099 Form to report the payments to the IRS. The minimum threshold amount is $600 for 1099 Forms.

Printable 1099 Form recipients

The following are the recipient for printable 1099 Forms:

Self-employed individual
Self-employed person may be an individual person, independent contractor or a non-employee. Payments made with a self-employed are reported through 1099 Forms.

Sole proprietors
Single person business which is not registered with the state as business entity is considered as sole proprietors. Sole proprietors include corporation, partnership or LLC. A sole proprietor is a default business used for income tax purpose. If the taxpayer pays a person who is a sole proprietor annually, then the taxpayer files 1099 Form to report the payments.

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